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What is
The Rock of Escape?

The Rock of Escape takes boys and young men in crisis on a vision quest to change negative thoughts, behavior, and lifestyle. Members connect with like-minded youth while taking advantage of a creative set of opportunities. Caring adult mentors strive to model good character and help boys and young men build lasting support systems.

- Warriors for Life Outcome Promotions

What are the most pressing issues facing African-American high school males?

The Rock of Escape has enlisted 14 New Schools at Carver School of Health Sciences and Research students to lead a special project in conjunction with the Morehouse School of Medicine (Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute).

The first goal is to increase awareness of issues creating negative life outcomes for African-American males ages 14 to 18 and promote creative ways to decrease the number of victims of these issues.

The Warriors Youth Outreach Team will also identify the top 3 health issues affecting African-American high school males and then encourage their peers to decrease their own risk factors. The promotion empowers young men to take control of their life outcome today.

We are looking for sponsors, media partners, and health related businesses and organizations to contribute to promotion.

Advertise in our Survival Guide by calling 404-281-1858.

- The Covering: Let's Get Joyful

Inspire your Church youth group: A play that says "I need you to cover me!"

Churches... stir up your youth leaders and inspire your youth group with our worship arts production The Covering: Let's Get Joyful. See what happens when youth face crisis with faith, humility and wisdom.

The play will be scheduled at a limited number of Atlanta area churches in 2009. To schedule the play as a culminating event for your youth outreach or conference call 404-281-1858.

- City Gates 2009: Guarding a Generation

Closing the gates to destruction, Opening the gates to goodness

You can't wait... join the metro Atlanta character campaign to guard the gates of our hearts, homes, schools, churches, businesses, organizations and neighborhoods.

Become a member, setup an in-house exhibit, start a character club, and promote your programs, services and activities.

To join us, call 404-281-1858.

- Warriors Restoration Program

Turn your Crisis into Prosperity

Unemployment among young men is rising as the nation's economy is declining. The Rock of Escape encourages you to see the opportunity in the economic crisis to increase your knowledge and skills so you can come through prepared for growth.

Get a Life Coach to help you eliminate the things that weigh you down and add the things that can help you soar. Dr. Henry Cloud makes the following suggestions in his book "9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life".

"If the economy is lousy, do not wait for it to change:

Gain a skill in a different field

Look somewhere else

Find another niche that is hot

Enlarge your network

Be open to other jobs

Start your own service business or something.

Don't sit around and wait."
I am a Warrior because...

Let’s Get Joyful

Like a ROCK We’re looking for partners for 2009

It takes willing courage to change your life condition! Doing the right thing in the face of difficulty and following your conscience instead of the crowd.

Approaching a need, task or an idea from a new perspective

  • Aim to celebrate
  • Enjoy today
  • Relax
  • Take it easy
  • Be Creative
A situation in which
it seems that you can
choose between
different things or
actions, but there is
really only one thing
that you can take
or do.

Firmness of
Constitution or
character, substantiality, durability and persistency.

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